Welcome and welcome back!

Most of the crew is back, and we’re up for our second show. We talk about why we had such a long hiatus, where we’ve been while we were away, and then talk about the future of the podcast.

Welcome back peeps, and to those new listeners, welcome aboard!

Edit: Just so you all know, we’ve already recorded episode 3 even though scheduling woes still seem to be plaguing us. As soon as Dan can edit it, we’ll post up episode 3.

Help Kickstart Hellas: Princes of the Universe

Now fans of the show have heard the names Jerry (Delicious) Grayson and Mike Fiegel.  You’ve heard us play their games.  I feel pretty safe in saying the we here have had a real good time playing the games and talking with them.  Hellas their current project has been out long enough for people to start asking/demanding more.  The ever popular, “When is the next book coming out?”  Well I got an email from Jerry (aka Delicious) Grayson with some exciting news.

“I have the latest book in the HELLAS line done and I’ve decided to try and do a Kickstart model to fund it. Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in a sci-fi game about naked Greek dudes stabbing people, eating goat meat, and drinking malt liquor.”


Kickstart Hellas

That’s right more Hellas goodness and it’s being ransomed.  In fact if you check the link above or below you can find out all the details.  We here at The Game Master Show are big fans of Hellas and of Jerry and Mike.  They have been very supportive of us.  So if you have liked what you heard about Hellas or even the designers themselves give the above link a click, check it out, and pledge if you can.  Hell if you see the break downs there are some great deals to be had by pledging her support, starting with as little as $1.