Welcome and welcome back!

Most of the crew is back, and we’re up for our second show. We talk about why we had such a long hiatus, where we’ve been while we were away, and then talk about the future of the podcast.

Welcome back peeps, and to those new listeners, welcome aboard!

Edit: Just so you all know, we’ve already recorded episode 3 even though scheduling woes still seem to be plaguing us. As soon as Dan can edit it, we’ll post up episode 3.

9 thoughts on “Welcome and welcome back!”

  1. Hey guys, I’m hopeful that you’re actually coming back. Also, I hope the next episode you put out is an actual episode… hint hint.

    I’m concerned that you guys are fishing around for ideas instead of talking about things you are passionate about. If you’re only going to talk about what I tell you to talk about, well, that’s like I’m talking to myself!

    As Moondog said, what was wrong with the AP, then review then interview format? Is it because you cannot get a scheduled game going? That is a decent reason, but a bummer that you’re moving away from the format and not TO another format you’re excited about.

    I will listen to upcoming episodes, but based on what I’ve heard so far in season four, I classify myself as “worried”.

    1. Thanks Rich, it helps us to know that you guys are concerned about the show, and more importantly what parts you are concerned about.

      The old format seemed to be getting to be a chore for several of us and it just wasn’t working out well. It’s part of the reason for the long hiatus. So we are playing with format for a little while to see if there is something else that we enjoy doing that we can add to the show to make it more fun for us to produce.

      Scheduling woes still are kicking us. I’ve been ready to run for the last several weeks, but we haven’t been able to get enough of us together to play. I’m hoping that part clears up soon, and that we can get back to playing soon. (I’m really excited about the game I am going to run, and I think the guys will like it too.)

      One of the things about the old format was it was a different game every month, and we ended up with new game burnout. We all come from groups that enjoyed longer campaign runs, and we’re looking to do that for our actual play for a while.

      I’m hoping that my comments here upgrade you from a worried status. If not, let me just say that the next episode is “delicious”.

  2. Hey guys – good to have you back.

    System change has definitely been a problem for me. I was running a Firefly game which switched from Serenity to d20 Star Wars and still didn’t work for my group. In the end, I decided to end the campaign rather than go through the trauma of another system change.

    I think the topic of system change would make a good episode.

  3. I think AP episodes of systems you’re familiar with is a good idea. It will allow people concentrate on the GMing/roleplaying. The review sessions could cover these aspects and be less about the mechanics of a new system.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Now about asking what you all would like to hear. This isn’t because we don’t have things that we are passionate about to discuss. In fact we are passionate about getting TGMS back up and running. We are passionate about trying our best to put forth the best kind of show. When we talked about this the one thing that we all seemed to agree on was that we wanted to know from you guys, the listeners. We wanted to hear what you liked and didn’t like, what you would like to hear, things and ways we can improve, etc. Cause when it comes right down to it we want you guys to enjoy what your listening to.

    Now as far as format changes and possible changes; they are our attempt keep the show going, fun, and interesting for both us and you. Now that could be that we try a few things before we find what seems to work best. The could very well mean that we end up right back where we started. We also just want to try and be more forth coming about what is going on, what we are thinking, and what may be in store.

    So please keep that feedback coming.

  5. It is good to have you back. I was looking forward to the next ep and season.
    I can’t wait to hear the next episode. A AP podcast would be good, right now i don’t think we need anything else right now 😉

    On the last website forum I spoke about making a online Pen and Paper RPG game through OpenRPG. I have done more to it and you can read more here, https://wwrpgproject.wordpress.com/

  6. How is it going with the webforum and all old eposides? Im a somewhat new listener and have listend up to ep 65 now. I really like the AP + review format with some general shows in between. I like the idea from DG and concentrate the review on GM/DM issues in the session instead of game mechanics since that can sometimes take up to one eposide to wrap your head around.

  7. Oh yes, I like the new thing going on here.

    One cool idea would be shape each blogpost like a discussion thread (there is a wordpress plugins to add threaded comments, quotes/replies etc) instead of building a separate forum for discussions.

  8. I’ve just found this site through listening to after serenity. It sounded like a cool podcast though I’d like to listen starting from the beginning but where are the old episodes? I can’t find anything before season 4 on here. Are they on another web site? Or do they just not exist anymore?

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