Hellas – Princes of the Universe, oh, and Jerry Grayson.

Scheduling continues to kick us while we are down. We’ve got another episode in editing though, and that will come out soon.

We had the chance to talk with Jerry Grayson recently. To be fair, Jerry tracked us down, ducked taped us all to chairs and did unspeakable things. Like eat in front of us in his underwear. No really, we have pictures!

After he let us go though, for some reason we felt compelled to continue talking with him. Must be Stockholm syndrome or something.

We talked with him about the newest Hellas expansion, Princes of the Universe. We posted about the Kickstart in an earlier post. I am happy to say that it has made it’s goal! So we will be seeing it in it’s full color print glory soon.

In addition to Princes of the Universe, we did our best rabid dolphin impression, like we did with Fred Hicks, and talked about a wide range of topics (some gaming, some not). We look forward to seeing him at Gen Con, and hope you do to at one of the games he is running. Until then though, enjoy our episode!

5 thoughts on “Hellas – Princes of the Universe, oh, and Jerry Grayson.”

  1. Damn it, Jerry Grayson is one funny guy! LOL Wish I had the money to have him run a game for me just to laugh my ass off!

    Great episode and glad y’all are back!

  2. Welcome back guys! Having you back in the pod-o-sphere is like reuniting with long lost friends. I found out about the kickstarter too late to be of help, but when this is offered in the regular sales channels I’m in for one.

  3. Unfortunately I am already married. My wife is throwing a rolling pin at me to get back to work. OUCH! If anyone needs any illustrations I’m cheap.

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