Gen Con 2010!

Hi all,

It’s been waaay to long since we’ve put anything out. I’ve been pretty busy, and unfortunately the rest of the crew and I haven’t been able to even talk lately, much less game. However…

Erin and I will be at Gen Con, and the plan had been for Mario and Dan to make it as well. I haven’t talked to them in a while, so I don’t know if schedules changed for them at all. I hope to meet up with them this weekend, and perhaps some of you.

I’ll be running four games of Hellas (all sold out according to Gen Con), on Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon. Then playing Sparks (Star Wars d6) with Erin on Saturday. The rest of the time I hope to be putting in hanging out with people, gaming, and perhaps meeting Wil Wheaton. (I’d like to game with that guy if I could. It would be awesome if he could play Time and Temp with us. πŸ™‚ )

So if any of you are coming, comment below! I’ll read them and see about meeting up with people. If not, I hope to have lots to talk about after I get back.



3 thoughts on “Gen Con 2010!”

  1. I was hoping to listen to some of your earlier episodes. Any hints on where to find them. Your archives don’t seem particularly complete.

  2. Hello! Hellohellohello again!

    How have you been? Well, you already told it on the last episodes and entries on this site … And at least I am glad that you are “somehow” fine again. πŸ™‚

    Bad news from me, though:
    Not only did I reduce my own gamemastering activities to less then measurable means, I also missed a lot of your shows in the past. And that’s why I didn’t realize that you, too, had some time off podcasting …

    Now for my questions:
    Yes, I really look forward to having you provide the “entirety of freakish wonnabe-gamemasters” and real gamemasters as well ( πŸ˜‰ – no offense meant) with your awesome knowledge, incredible wisdom and amazing experience in the fine art of gamemastering. I really am happy, even if this may sound a little “sarcastic” or “over-ambitious” – it’s just the mere expression of happiness having you around with your podcast still, or better: AGAIN! πŸ™‚

    Now really for the questions:
    1. The last show I have recorded (i.e. saved on my ‘puter) is episode #93, in which you refer to David’s and Erin’s house being the house of disease (the same you mentioned on episode #1 in season #4)… and in which you speak about RPG-Video-Games; now I wonder: did I miss any other show between no #93 and the break in your own activities?
    2. If your answer is “yes”, then, er, is there any chance of getting the last epsiodes of season #3 then?
    3. In the early days of your podcast you told your audience that you planned to stick with some kind of “plan” or “schedule” on topics and games you want to play and to discuss; is there any secret mastermind or hidden agenda for your season #4 and the dark future rising beyond imagination and the horizons of our simple minds?


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