A surprise phone call.

Hi all,

I was surprised the other day when I got a message on our voicemail account. I wasn’t sure it was even still active! The caller wanted at the very least our back archive of shows, but to also come back.

I haven’t talked with the others lately, so I’ll have to get back to you on the returning part. However, I am putting together an RSS feed of our old episodes for people who are interested.

If you are interested in what I (David) am doing now, head over to The Secret Lair, where I’ll be having weekly posts, and should show up a time or two on the podcast.

If any of you out there are interested in helping out getting the old shows out again, comment here and let me know. I’ve got some work for you.

– David

5 thoughts on “A surprise phone call.”

  1. Hey all. I was a big fan when I was on my Mac and had iTunes bringing your feed down. But I see that you’ve been off the air and such. Any chance you’ll be starting back up?

  2. I had all the episodes, but an unfortunate incident erased them with the rest of my hard drive. If I can help at all getting them back up I will, love to listen to some of em again

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