State of the show.

Hello all! (All of you who may still be subscribed at least.)

I (David) have been updating the site by re-posting all of our episodes that had been lost in the site update a few years ago.

I’m adding them in chronological order as best I can determine.

Will there be new shows? There’s a slim chance, yes. Same crew? I don’t know. We’ve all moved around, changed jobs, and in general lived our lives.

Let us know if you’d like to hear, or even see, more.

Thank you all for having listened. It was a great time entertaining you.

Free Gen Con tickets!

Hey all,

Just because we haven’t released an episode lately, doesn’t mean we aren’t gaming or keeping up with gaming news.

So when we heard about this, we wanted to share the opportunity with you.

The Knights of the Night actual play podcast is giving away two free tickets to Gen Con 2011!

Head on over to the Knights of the Night website, and see if you can win. If you do, let us know and we’ll see about meeting up at Gen Con.

A surprise phone call.

Hi all,

I was surprised the other day when I got a message on our voicemail account. I wasn’t sure it was even still active! The caller wanted at the very least our back archive of shows, but to also come back.

I haven’t talked with the others lately, so I’ll have to get back to you on the returning part. However, I am putting together an RSS feed of our old episodes for people who are interested.

If you are interested in what I (David) am doing now, head over to The Secret Lair, where I’ll be having weekly posts, and should show up a time or two on the podcast.

If any of you out there are interested in helping out getting the old shows out again, comment here and let me know. I’ve got some work for you.

– David

Gen Con 2010!

Hi all,

It’s been waaay to long since we’ve put anything out. I’ve been pretty busy, and unfortunately the rest of the crew and I haven’t been able to even talk lately, much less game. However…

Erin and I will be at Gen Con, and the plan had been for Mario and Dan to make it as well. I haven’t talked to them in a while, so I don’t know if schedules changed for them at all. I hope to meet up with them this weekend, and perhaps some of you.

I’ll be running four games of Hellas (all sold out according to Gen Con), on Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon. Then playing Sparks (Star Wars d6) with Erin on Saturday. The rest of the time I hope to be putting in hanging out with people, gaming, and perhaps meeting Wil Wheaton. (I’d like to game with that guy if I could. It would be awesome if he could play Time and Temp with us. 🙂 )

So if any of you are coming, comment below! I’ll read them and see about meeting up with people. If not, I hope to have lots to talk about after I get back.



We nearly recorded!

So we met last Friday to talk about the podcast and ended up failing to save the world, but then tried again and saved it. I’m talking about Pandemic here, the cooperative board game where you play roles in the CDC to find the cure for four virii before they spread to pandemic proportions and kill off the world as we know it. It’s a great game.

This isn’t a game review though, we just wanted to let you guys know that though we met last Friday we didn’t actually record. Dan wasn’t able to make it, and Erin was just about dead on her feet from work. So we talked a while and played Pandemic to remind ourselves that we are friends and yes, we really do want to do this podcast thing.

Mario and Shaun looked good, and we talked about some of the hurdles that we are going to need to overcome if we are going to continue the podcast. Like: Job scarcity, the distance it is from them to the place we record (my house), scheduling, and possible changes in format (looks like there will be little of that).

So next Friday, that would be April 30th, we are going to see about recording… something. It may be actual play, it may just be a couple of us talking. We shall have to see. It’s still something we do for fun, and we don’t make money off of it (the job scarcity part would probably be easier if we did), so please bear with us as we get closer to the launch of season 4.